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Keep Your Business Running Smoothly: A Guide to Commercial Septic System Maintenance in Annapolis, MD

Most people don’t think about their septic system until something goes wrong. This holds true for both commercial and residential properties. However, failing to regularly maintain your septic system can create expensive lessons especially for business owners. Beyond the financial costs, a damaged septic system might require that you close your doors temporarily while it’s being repaired.

That translates into lost revenue. And in more severe cases, damage caused by septic systems might require construction repairs to restore structures. While septic systems might not be the most exciting item to consider as a business owner, it’s one of the more important routine maintenance tasks that shouldn’t be ignored.

Annapolis Septic Service is a commercial septic service in Annapolis, MD that has been providing business septic system services in Annapolis, MD for over 55 years to the surrounding Annapolis area. If you still need more convincing that your septic system is important and deserves attention, keep reading.


The Importance of Septic System Maintenance

You might not give a lot of thought to your septic system, but it’s a vital component for your commercial property. Even if you don’t own a business that engages in high water use, at a minimum, you have a break room and bathrooms that rely on a septic system to keep the sinks and toilets working properly.

Keeping the pipes in working condition, and ensuring that staff don’t have to repeatedly flush after using the bathroom are small factors that can become major inconveniences. But if you do own a business that relies more frequently on your septic system, commercial septic pumping in Annapolis, MD is critical.

Maybe you own a restaurant with high-traffic bathrooms because of patrons or clogs in the sink drain from food or non-degradable blocks are more likely. Whatever the reason, you can’t afford for your business to be on hold because the toilets are frequently backing up or the drains are so slow that you run the risk of failing a health inspection with the city health department.

A Guide to Commercial Septic System Maintenance

One of the best ways to prevent costly repairs for your commercial septic system is to engage in routine maintenance. This ensures that your system is running smoothly. More importantly, if an issue is found during the inspection, you can budget accordingly to fix the issue rather than paying for emergency repairs that always cost more. Septic system maintenance usually involves having the system regularly pumped. Experts agree that you should have your commercial septic system pumped in Annapolis, MD every one to three years is ideal for routine pumping.

However, how often within that time frame depends on two factors: the size of your tank and the actual volume of activity (i.e. how many people are using the bathrooms or how often the sinks are being used) your septic system experiences. A business that’s not open to the public and only relies on staff bathrooms and a kitchenette in the break room may be fine with having their septic pumped once every three years. Meanwhile, a restaurant with high-traffic bathrooms and a commercial kitchen might be better off having their septic pumped annually.

Annapolis Septic Service provides not just prompt commercial septic services in Annapolis, MD, but advanced technologies that result in faster solutions that have your business up and running faster. Similarly, we engage in eco-friendly practices that effectively remove blockages, while reducing the environmental impact and upholding local regulations.

Signs Your Commercial Property Needs Septic Service

Long before your septic system actually breaks down, it usually gives you early signs that your Annapolis, MD commercial property needs septic service. Here are a few hallmark signs that your septic system might need some TLC.

Slow Drains

Nothing shows that there’s something wrong like drains that take forever to empty. Often this might be because people are flushing items down sinks or toilets that shouldn’t be. For example, items like paper towels in the toilet lines, or even grease and oils down sinks can all create clogs that lead to slow flowing drains.

Frequent Overflows

From time to time, drains can overflow. But if you’re regularly seeing overflows in drains, toilets, or sinks, then that’s a great sign that something is wrong. In particular, regular overflows are usually the result of clogs — mainly from non-degradable items that continue to accumulate.

Eventually, this water has nowhere to go but back into your building. However, what makes this problematic is that this water is dirty since contaminants are sitting in it. This can include old

food, toilet waste, and even chemicals found in cleaning solutions can all damage your septic system.

Root Damage

The final main cause of septic damage is something that doesn’t usually have anything to do with the occupants of your commercial property. Plant roots are always growing, and sometimes that means they can overtake your septic system.

Specifically, what happens is that plants (or rather their roots) sense water sources and begin to grow in that direction. And roots can be incredibly determined. Eventually, they penetrate the pipes which cause leaks. Trees are the biggest culprit of this and to avoid root damage experts advise against planting trees too close to your septic system. But if that’s not an option, routine maintenance can keep roots under control.

Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

Whether it’s your car, home, or commercial property, preventative maintenance is always preferable to an emergency repair. And the benefits of preventative commercial septic maintenance in Annapolis, MD can’t be overstated. But here are a few more reasons why it’s best to schedule routine maintenance and not wait until your septic is backed up and you have to halt operations.

Your Septic System Will Last Longer

Eventually everything needs to be replaced. But routinely maintaining your septic system is a great way to keep it working properly and minimize waste backing up in the pipes and creating overflows.

Preventative Maintenance is Always Cheaper

Emergency repairs are costly for so many reasons. First, as a business you may need to halt operations while you wait for your septic system to be repaired. So, that represents lost revenue. But additionally, if the damage is extensive, you’ll have to pay for costly repairs.

Meanwhile, routine maintenance is always cheaper. And, even if you do discover that pipes or even the tank need to be replaced, you can budget to have it repaired at a pace that makes sense for your income flow instead of replacing multiple items simultaneously and absorbing that cost without any alternative options.

Emergency Septic Repair Services

Sometimes you will need emergency septic repair services — even if you engage in regular maintenance. But this is where Annapolis Septic Services is here to provide prompt and effective service that not only repairs your septic system, but also offers on-site sewage system maintenance in Annapolis, MD.

Commercial Septic Services in Annapolis, MD

The best way to avoid an unexpected septic system situation is by sticking to a maintenance schedule that includes regularly pumping to remove blockages and debris. Annapolis Septic Service can work with your commercial property to create a schedule that not only works with your budget but keeps your septic system working smoothly.

Annapolis Septic Service leverages advanced technology and has over five decades of experience to effectively and promptly treat your commercial septic system. Whether you have a high-use system or have a staff-only establishment, we’re here to provide the assistance you need so that you can focus on your business.